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Music is a small part of the Story, kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets, SPA cabinets, center dining room cabinets, private offices, enhancing the look of the room and putting the final touches the accessories, capturing the audience that's what Jazz & Riffs Hardware does for a space.

Testimonials about Jazz & Riffs Cabinet Hardware

'I just recently purchased pieces of the Jazz Collection for my kitchen remodel in the color, Stormy Black on satin nickel for my white cabinets, I just love how the lighting from day light to evening light makes the glass hardware sprinkles with colors from different tones in the room' – George - Las Vegas

‘The Packaging is smart, and well designed and the labeling of each of the pieces for my contractor was perfect, he could see exactly where and how to install the many pieces for my new kitchen, Jazz & Riffs is a beautiful line and well designed from start to finish’ – Teresa – Las Vegas

‘I used the Jazz 2’’ squares and requested to have them in Snow White, there was no additional up charge, I used 8’’ long pulls and 1’’ square knobs to match. The combination was gorgeous, and my client just loves them’ – Susan - Arizona

‘Recently my design for a standard door handle changed when I saw the Riffs Collection 18 ‘’ long pull in Purple Haze, I asked if I could get longer screws to attach the pull on a standard wood door and Jazz & Riffs new exactly what size to send at no up charge, the 18’’ length pull in Purple Haze on Honduras- Mahogany looks stunning’ – Brett – New York City